The Town of Sullivan will be changing the method of trash and recyclable collection beginning with the March 30 pickup. The new procedure will be using Advanced Disposal provided carts and the service will no longer accept garbage cans or bins except at the regularly scheduled “bulk pickup”.


This new service will be “automated pickup” by the trucks and all materials must fit in the provided carts. The normal schedule of weekly trash and bi-weekly recyclable pickup will be maintained.  The carts must be placed curbside such that the automated truck boom can reach them.

The last pickup of the month will also allow a “bulk item” pickup for excess items that would not fit in the carts. However, as in the past large items must be “called in” in advance for pickup.

On Wednesday March 29, Advanced will begin delivery of two new carts to your residence.  One cart is for trash only and the other is for recyclable items only. Please be prepared to retrieve these as you normally retrieve your current cans and bins. If you should not be home during this time, arrange with someone to retrieve the carts until you return.

Additional details, information, and instructions will be attached to your new carts.  Please read these carefully because new procedures will require your assistance for an orderly transition and a successful pick of your materials.

It is highly recommended that food waste and other liquid items be bagged (as you do now) before placing in the trash cart but there is no need to bag or tie up any solid waste recyclable materials prior to being placed in the recyclable cart.

This announcement pertains to residential trash and recyclable service provided by the town. Business services or other services not provided by the town are not affected by this change.