Emergency Services

The Town of Sullivan provides high quality Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection Services. The cost for these services is included in the Town Tax portion of annual property taxes. Any Town resident may use these emergency services by dialing 911.  Jefferson County dispatch will contact the appropriate agencies to respond to the emergency.

Emergency medical Services (EMS)

EMS is a contracted service that is delivered by the Dousman Fire Department (DFD).  DFD is headquartered in Dousman but operates a fully equipped substation in the Village of Sullivan.  This station is manned 24 X 7 and is always ready to respond to an emergency.  The fully equipment DFD stations in Dousman are the backup units if needed.  All daily operational services are performed by DFD personnel

The Sullivan EMS, Ltd.  consists of an intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Sullivan, the Town of Concord, and the Village of Sullivan.  The contract for services is between DFD and the Sullivan EMS, Ltd.  The Sullivan EMS, Ltd. is governed by a three member Board of Commissioners one appointed by each member municipality.  The Board is responsible for governance activities of the Sullivan EMS district.

Fire Protection Services

Fire protection Services is provided by the Rome Fire District.  The Rome Fire District consists of an intergovernmental agreement between the Town of Sullivan and the Town of Hebron. The District includes the Town of Sullivan (except Sections 1, 2, 3 & 12) and several sections of the town of Hebron.  The excluded Town of Sullivan sections are covered by the Village of Sullivan Fire Department.

The Rome District is housed in and operates from the Town owned Town Fire Station in Rome.  Rome District firemen are volunteers and are members of the Rome Fire Department which is an independent entity.  The Fire District is governed by the Rome fire District Board of Commissioners.  The Fire Commission consists of one member appointed by each municipality and the Rome Fire Department Fire Chief.

Fire Chief


Phone: (414) 899-8115